Our Irish Wolfshound males

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Dahmrak´s Yustin
hell gestromt, geb.17.7.2014

" Jugendchampion DWZRV"
Landesjugendsieger Sachen 2014
Landessieger Nordbayern 2015
Landessieger Sachsen 2016
Dt.Champion DWZRV

Pedigree Photos Success

In order to give our breed new impetus, we have recruited Cuantroine Aireamh with us. He has two new lines in his pedigree that are not directly related to ours. From the connection Dahmrak's Jannis and Cuantroine Aireamh, we have retained Dahmrak's Yustin. He was very successful in the youth class, is a Verbandsjugendsieger 2014, Landesjugendsieger Nordbayern 2014 and DWZRV youth champion. Meanwhile, Yustin has proven his sire qualities in different litters and has very beautiful and successful offspring. His children impress with correct physique and first-class movement.


Dahmrak´s Hope the best
brindl, born 7.5.2015

"Jugendchampion DWZRV"
Landesjugendsieger Sachen 2016, Jgd.BOB, BOB, 4.Platz BIS

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Dahmrak´s Here I am
sandfarben gestromt, geb.7.5.2015

"Jugendchampion DWZRV"
Landesjugendsieger Nordbayern 2016
Landessieger Südbayern 2016

Pedigree Results Photos

Dahmrak's Hope the best and Here I am are from our world-youth-winner Dahmraks Morgaine and the world winner and Cruft's Winner Always my Bryan Roan Inish. Both are very promising and have a great being. In Germany, her father Bryan took only two bitches, Dahmraks Morgaine and Dahmraks Jabura. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Mexico. There are already some promising throws from Hope. From Here Iam we expect the first litter in October 2017. The third brother Dahmraks Highländer owned by Gesine and Reinhard Koch is extremely successful in the coursing, European Coursing and German Coursing winner 2017. We congratulate Fam.Koch to these great successes.


Dahmrak´s Tarlogh
weiß, geb.7.9.2012

" Jugendchampion DWZRV"
Landesjugendsieger Nordbayern 2013
Landesjugendsieger Sachen 2013
Landessieger Nordbayern 2014
Landessieger Greppin 2014
Landessieger Thüringen 2015
Dt.Champion VDH
Dt.Champion DWZRV

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Tarlogh is another promising son of our Eoghan. On his first exhibitions in 2013 he was able to get three shows from the junior class the title of best male and best twice Wolfhound. He is also Junior Champion and twice winner of the Landesjugendsieger Sachsen and Norbayern. In 2014 he has been Landessieger Nordbayern, European Champion and best IW in Dortmund. Tarlogh is a very big and strong young male with lovable character, correct body length and super moves. In the age of 2,5 year he has also the titels German Chamion VDH and DWZRV.


Dahmrak´s Now or never
dkl.gestromt, geb.25.3.2016

" Jugendchampion DWZRV "
Landesjugendsieger Thüringen 2017
Landesjugendsieger Nordbayern 2017

Pedigree Photos Results

How did he get his name? A little history. When the N-litter was six weeks old, as usual, we put two large bowls full of food to the puppies. Everyone pushed for the prepared time, only one male stood a little apart and missed to join. After a while he thought about how to feed the food. He barked briefly, his siblings looked in his direction and he used his chance "now or never". He stood fast in the middle of the bowl and had the best place at the forage. From then on he called "Now or never". He also presented himself very successfully at exhibitions. Two important milestones are the 2017 Eurojugendsieger and the Verbandsjugendsieger in 2017. Now or Never is a very correct preoccupation, full-fledged, a loving being inherited by his father Dahmrak's Eoghan.